Survival Sprouting DVD – The How To Training DVD on Sprouting

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Learn To Survive on Sprouts!

Learn To Survive on Sprouts!

Release Date: March 5, 2009
Run Time: 56 minutes
Highly Recommended: 5/5

Plain and simple, Survival Sprouting – The How To Training DVD will show you how to sprout without second guessing yourself.  It shows you how to start sprouting using basic equipment that can be found in and around your household.  There is 100% solid info on how to sprout for pennies a day.  You don’t need fancy equipment to start and once you finish watching the DVD you can virtually start right away.  Survival Sprouting is less than an hour which means you have no excuses not to watch this sprouting DVD and start sprouting.

Who wouldn’t want to eat at a fraction of the cost?  During a slow economy, one of the first things to be affected will be your family’s food supply.  Food prices are continuing to rise along with gas and shipping which drive the costs even higher.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could grow your own healthy and nutritious food for pennies?  Even if there is a pandemic and food supplies are limited you won’t need to worry because you will  know how to sprout.  It’s up to us to take control of our own food supply.

This sprouting DVD will explain to you how to abundantly grow and harvest cheap and delicious sprouts even if you live in a crowded urban setting.  Sprouting doesn’t require a lot of space or soil and this DVD will help you start sprouting right away.

Even if you have stocked up on lots of cheap canned food, you still need fresh greens!  Sprouts are known as a superfood are an amazing green food.  And even if you have NOTHING else to eat, you can live very well on Sprouts!

This DVD will show you how! Click here to Order NOW.

Sunflower Sprouts Recipes Raw Sunflower Sprout Rice and Raw Sunflower Sprout Collard Green Wrap

Raw Fried Rice With Tomatoes, Avocados and Sunflower Sprouts

Raw Sunflower Sprout Rice

We hope you enjoy these two sprouts recipes we have compiled for today, the first one is Raw Sunflower Sprout Rice and the second dish is a Raw Sunflower Sprout Collard Green Wrap.

The first time I heard about raw fried rice was was from Chef and Dr. David Jubb in the movie Raw for Life – The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle.  Amazing movie, we highly encourage you to watch it.  It is one of the best raw food movies out there and we’ve seen almost all of them.

This is his recipe from the movie modified slightly.


  • organic cauliflower
  • jicama root (water rich)
  • one small red onion
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice from half an organic lemon
  • a cup of  sunflower sprouts
  • parsley
  • one large tomato
  • one large avocado
  • sun dried sea salt

Cut the cauliflower and jimaca down and put it them into the food processor separately.  Don’t process them too much, especially the jimaca root, to let it have a nice crispness.  It should be fluffy and light. Place the cauliflower and jicama root “rice” into a large mixing bowl and top it off with lemon juice. You can also chop off some of the lemon peel into little pieces for zest. Chop up one small red onion and the tomato and place it into the bowl. Next chop the parsley into small bits and place into the bowl.  Add in the cup of sunflower sprouts.  Drizzle everything with olive oil and add a dash of sea salt to taste.  Finish off the recipe by adding sliced avocado and voila!  You’re done.

Add Whatever You Want Inside

Add Whatever You Want Inside

Raw Sunflower Sprout Collard Green Wrap

Our second of the sprouts recipes is also from Raw for Life – The Ultimate Encyclopedia of the Raw Food Lifestyle.  It is by Chef Rod Rotondi who owns Leaf Cuisine in California.  It’s super easy and you can add whatever you want. We suggest trying this with mangoes for the summertime and trying different variety of sprouts.


  • collard green leaves
  • mixed greens
  • olive oil
  • lemon
  • red bell peppers
  • sunflower sprouts
  • tomatoes
  • avocado
  • cucumbers
  • black tahini
  • red onion
  • sea salt to taste

Chop and mix everything except for the collard green leaves into a large mixing bowl.  Lay out your collard green leaf and use your knife to cut off the spine.  Use your hands to portion the filling as you see fit and wrap it as you would a burrito.  You can cut it in half and serve it with a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It’s that easy!  Try it out today!

Hands on Sprouting DVD: Learn The Secrets Of Sprouting At Home

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Sprouting DVD Release Date: November 20, 2008
Run Time: 60 minutes
Highly Recommended: 5/5 Sprouts

Reading a book on sprouting can be time consuming and confusing. If you want to learn how to sprout right away and watch someone demonstrate to you how to do it, the Hands on Sprouting DVD – Learn the Secrets of Sprouting at Home is for you!

Trefor Randall a.k.a. the Sprouting Guru shows, explains and demonstrates, step by step, how to create your own organic healthy sprout farm at home. At the end of the DVD you will be able to grow fresh, living superfoods in your kitchen.

This sprouting DVD is the complete “how to sprout” video, showing you how to successfully sprout both hydroponically and with soil. You will also learn about a wide range of sprouts, how to save both time and money, and lots more.

As we all know, sprouts have long been considered a health food. Recent studies show that in addition to being a superb source of nutrients, sprouts contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals that can protect us against cancer. Sprouts are simply bursting with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals!

Growing your own sprouts is both cheap and rewarding. You now have the opportunity to grow organic sprouts without paying for organic pricing. This DVD is a must have for those who enjoy eating fresh grown sprouts with their salads, sandwiches, soups and more.

Much of the food today goes through radiation processes, or sit in refrigerated warehouses for months before they reach the market, while the ‘general shopper’ has no idea, but buys just because it’s there!  Now you will know that your food is actually fresh, clean and organic because you made them. Buy this DVD now.