Organic Sprouting Seeds versus Non Organic Sprouting Seeds

Organic Garbanzo (a.k.a. Chickpeas) Sprouting Seeds

It is important to choose organic sprouting seeds for sprouting.

Organic sprouting seeds taken from plants are grown without the use of man-made chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Non organic sprouting seeds on the other hand usually come from plants that are grown on soil that has been heavily fertilized with petrochemicals. The plants themselves have been exposed and sprayed with a large amount of harmful chemicals to keep away pests and weeds.

Not only does petrochemical farming have the short term effect of destroying topsoil, it will also work to destroy our health. Buying organic sprouting seeds will help you obtain optimal health while supporting organic farmers who work hard to nurture the soil and give back to the earth rather than deplete it.

Organic sprouting seeds are also enriched by organic farmers with natural fertilizers such as manure, rock sediment, comport, worms, good bacteria and algae cultures.

Look at the labeling on the package when buying organic sprouting seeds to make sure that they are certified organic or that the seeds are indeed harvested for sprouting.  The organic label will ensure that the seeds are not genetically modified.  But make sure you read labels and know the company that you are purchasing from and when in doubt ask.

Make sure your organic sprouting seeds are clean, and uniform in shape, size and color.  Broken, chipped or otherwise damaged seeds will give you problems in the future – they may not sprout, or will rot when sprouting.

They’re shouldn’t be any pebbles, sticks, dirt, or other debris with the seeds. Whenever you can, buy organic sprouting seeds in bulk as it is the cheapest way to sprout.