Growing Sprouts – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should

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Growing Sprouts in a Stackable Tray

Growing Sprouts in a Stackable Tray

Growing sprouts has many advantages. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider growing sprouts:

1. ECONOMICS: Seeds can multiply 7-15 times their weight. At $4.00/lb. for seed, that yields 26 cents for a pound of fresh sprouted indoor-grown organic greens!

2. NUTRITION: Sprouts are jam packed with nutrition because they have a greater concentration of proteins, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, RNA, DNA, bio-flavinoids, T-cells, etc., than at any other point in the plant’s life!

3. ORGANIC: You don’t have to worry about pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or fumigants when you’re growing sprouts! Your sprouts will be organic!

4. AVAILABILITY: No matter where you are, or what time of the month it is, growing sprouts is possible!

5. SPACE & TIME: Growing sprouts is easy and doesn’t require much space or time! Just add water!

6. FRESHNESS: Eat them at their peak of freshness and nutrition. There is no exposure to pollution in transportation or loss of nutrients when they’re sitting in warehouses or grocer’s shelves.

7. DIGESTIBILITY: As baby plants, their delicate cell walls easily release elemental nutrients. Abundant enzymes make them easy to digest even for those with weak digestion.

8. VERSATILITY: More varieties of salad greens than on the supermarket shelves. There is a huge variety of sprouts from buckwheat to onion to garlic and sunflower!

9. MENUS & MEALS: Make a wide variety of food from sprouted bread, to hummus dip and even sprouted wheat pizza!

10. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Your food didn’t have to travel across the country or the sea for you. It’s straight from your kitchen! Sprouting seeds can easily be purchased locally.

Now that you have learned why growing sprouts is a good thing, why don’t you give it a try right now!  There are so many benefits there should be no reason why you’re asking yourself why you should sprout!  Because you should!