Fenugreek Sprouts For Natural Breast Enhancement

Sprouts Truly Are Nature's Superfood!

Sprouts Truly Are Nature's Superfood!

I know I just posted about Fenugreek Sprouts a few days ago, but this information about fenugreek sprouts and natural breast enhancement was just way too interesting to not post about.  😉 

The following is an excerpt from Flat 2 Fab a natural breast enhancement eBook.

Fenugreek seeds are more than just an Indian spice; they’ve been used as a healing herb for thousands of years. Middle Eastern harem girls were reported to be the first to use fenugreek for breast enlargement. Here in America, the folk practice of eating fenugreek seeds for bigger breasts goes back as far as anybody can remember. Now we know why!

Fenugreek seeds contain diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body. Researchers at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, conducted a study on mice and found that diosgenin stimulates growth of the mammary glands. Aside from that, fenugreek is one of nature’s most potent prolactin stimulators. It’s been used to increase milk production in nursing mothers for hundreds of years.

In his book, The Green Pharmacy, Dr. Duke tells the story of a woman who experienced unintentional breast growth after eating too many fenugreek seed sprouts. Talk about a happy accident! Fenugreek has other benefits, as well. The seeds contain a special type of fiber known as mucilage. In addition to easing constipation, mucilage contains six compounds that help regulate blood sugar. Since imbalanced blood sugar levels can increase testosterone and decrease growth hormone, mucilage can give your breast enlargement efforts an extra boost.

Possible Side Effects

  • Fenugreek is very safe and allergies to this herb are rare; however, diabetics should get their doctor’s permission before using it, since fenugreek can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Fenugreek may cause mild bloating in some women. Fortunately, this can usually be controlled through the use of red clover, which is a diuretic.
  • Fenugreek has a distinct smell similar to maple syrup; consume enough of it and you may notice that your sweat smells like syrup! Use deodorant and a peppermint
  • scented body wash to counteract this effect.

Natural breast enhancement is a lot safer than surgery and cheaper too. For a few dollars you can get pounds of fenugreek sprouts to increase your breasts naturally! I’m going totally going to be stocking up on fenugreek sprouts. 😉

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Fenugreek Sprouts 101

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Fenugreek Sprouts Are A Valuable Blood and Kidney Cleanser

Fenugreek Sprouts Are A Valuable Blood and Kidney Cleanser

Fenugreek is a small seed with a light tan color and a pleasant herb like smell. Although it is a native of western Asia, most of the fenugreek seeds sold in North America come from northern Africa.

Fenugreek is a valuable blood and kidney cleanser with a pungent flavor. Fenugreek sprouts are an excellent source of phosphorus, iron and trace minerals. Fenugreek is best sprouted with other seeds to mellow out its strong bold flavor. You can use fenugreek sprouts in salads, relish, sprout loaves and green drinks.

Fenugreek sprouts are best sprouted with a tray and are easy to grow.