Various Ways of Eating Sprouts Including Juicing

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Sprouts Are So Fun and Versatile

Sprouts Are So Fun and Versatile

There are so many ways of eating sprouts.  However you choose to eat sprouts is really up to you.  Here are a few ideas for eating sprouts.  Feel free to add more ideas for eating sprouts in the comment box!

• Add sprouts to tossed salads
• Use sprouts in coleslaw (cabbage, clover, radish)
• Try sprouts in wraps and roll-ups (alfalfa, sunflower, radish)
• Stir-fry sprouts with other vegetables (alfalfa, clover, radish, mung bean, lentil)
• Blend sprouts with vegetable juices (cabbage, mung bean, lentil)
• Blend sprouts into a smoothie or a shake with your Vitamix (click here to order with free shipping)
• Mix sprouts with soft cheeses, tofu, yogurt of kefir for a dip (mung bean, radish)
• Stir sprouts into soups or stews when serving (mung bean, lentil)
• Eat sprouts fresh and uncooked in a sprout salad (salad mixes)
• Combine sprouts in oat, barley or buckwheat dishes (fenugreek, lentil, mung bean)
• Add sprouts to sushi (radish, sunflower)
• Sauté sprouts with onions (mung bean, clover, radish)
• Pair sprouts with a main course as a side dish
• Puree sprouts with dried peas or beans (mung bean, lentil)
• Add sprouts to baked beans (lentil)
• Juice sprouts (wheatgrass, broccoli, alfalfa, pea lettuce, kale, sunflower, radish, garlic, buckwheat, cabbage)
• Add sprouts into hamburgers, bagels, and sandwiches for great texture and freshness
• Munch on sprouts plain as a snack as a substitute for chips, popcorn and cookies

You can look on our website for more ideas on ways of eating sprouts by clicking here.