Growing Cheap Healthy Food At Home

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Cheap Healthy Food in Days

Cheap Healthy Food in Days

Growing cheap healthy food at home is so easy. You can plant a garden in the backyard with pre bought plants like carrots, onions, tomatoes and other family favourites and have it ready to eat in a few weeks.

A faster and easier alternative though to the traditional garden when growing cheap healthy food is growing sprouts. You also don’t need to worry about soil as sprouts can be grown hydroponically with just water.

Sprouts are ready to eat in as little as a day, such as sunflower, almond and sesame, or 2-3 days like soybeans, wheatberries, adzuki and mung beans. Not only are you getting an extremely rich source of nutrition, but the price per cup of sprouts works out to pennies per cup! This truly makes sprouts a winner in the cheap healthy food category.

You don’t need expensive equipment to start either, you simply need an old glass jar that can hold 500ml or so, sprouting seeds, a fine mesh screen and some elastic bands.

Using mung beans an example – Soak 3 tablespoons of mung beans sprouting seeds overnight and place them into the glass jar the next day. You then want to seal the mesh screen on the top with some elastic bands and continue to rinse through the mesh once in the morning and once at night with cold water. Continue to do so until sprouts are about 2 cm in length and ready to eat in a few days.

Mung beans sprouted, are about 18 cents a cup and are great with salads, soups, sandwiches and more!  Growing cheap healthy food has never been easier!