All About Almonds Sprouted or Almond Sprouts

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An Almond Sprouted

Almonds are native to Persia where that have been cultivated for hundreds of years.  Most of the almonds grown in the United States come from California.  Almonds and almond sprouts are basic components of the raw food lifestyle and are great for vegans and vegetarians because they supply an extremely high quality protein. 

Of all nuts, almonds are the easiest to digest, especially after 24-48 hours of sprouting.  Almond sprouts are an excellent source of protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and fats.  In addition, almonds contain B-vitamins and vitamin E.  Sprouted almonds have a great crunchy texture that is completely different than a non-sprouted almond. 

You can use sprouted almonds in salad dressing, in shaves, to make almond milk, in yogurt, with cheeses, in sprout loaves, cereals, with granola and in desserts. 

This information from this article was referenced from The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore.