Sprouts One Of The Best High Energy Foods

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Sprouts Are High Energy Foods Easily Absorbed By The Body

Sprouts Are High Energy Foods Easily Absorbed By The Body

Sprouts are a highly nutritious food and great for those looking for high energy foods. The reason why sprouts are good as high energy foods is that sprouts have a high level of simple sugars easily absorbed by the body.

A little background on those unfamiliar with sprouts, a sprout is produced when a seed starts growing into a vegetable. Sprouts can grow from the seeds of vegetables, grains, legumes, buckwheat, and beans. Sprouts vary in texture and taste. Some are spicy (radish and onion sprouts), some are hardy and often used in Asian cuisines (mung bean), while others are more delicate (alfalfa), and add texture and moistness to salads and sandwiches.

They’re extremely easy to grow without soil, hydroponically, and are available year round for purchase in grocery stores.

Sprouts have long been considered a heath food and recent research shows that in addition to being a superb source of nutrients, sprouts contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals (plant compounds) that help protect us against cancer.

Sprouts are also bursting with enzymes, vitamins and minerals! Enzymes essentially make life possible. The enzymes in sprouts as special proteins that help our body digest the nutrients in our food. Eat sprouts raw or juice them to optimize them as high energy foods.

Ancient Chinese scriptures over 5 000 years old refer to sprouts for healing and medicinal properties. Sprouts are truly a 5 000 year old super food.

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