Organic Gardening For Frugal Living

Gardening Is One Of The Best Ways To Save Money

Gardening or Sprouting Is One Of The Best Ways To Save Money

Frugal living is easier to start than you think, and it all starts with organic gardeningOrganic gardening is a growing movement that is gaining in popularity as it allows you to potentially save yourself a small fortune on food costs by growing your own fruits, vegetables and sprouts.  Even for those who aren’t interested in frugal living, organic gardening has lots of other benefits besides saving you a lot of money.  The satisfaction of seeing your own food grow is so much fun and something that everyone should experience.

Not only is organic gardening fun, this is one hobby that you can do almost anywhere and not having a backyard is no excuse.  Organic gardening only takes exposure to at least six hours of daylight and a little determination. All you need to start organic gardening is some really good soil and some organic seeds.  Soil you can get from your garden center or you can be create your own.  You can compost even if you’re in an apartment by using worms.  If you’re just sprouting sprouts, you don’t even need soil.

Almost anything filled with earth will work, including old pots or even a recycling bin.  Seeds will sprout without a lot of prompting and just a small amount of TLC.

And while you’re growing your veggies, you’ll also be fattening your bank account.  A recent study suggests just a $50 investment in vegetables can save a family as much $1,250 a year if they eat what they raise.  How’s that for frugal living?

You can feed you and your family easily from a plot just about 4 X 10 for the entire summer.   And preserving you foods will allow you to feed yourself even beyond the summer.

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