Black Eyed Pea Sprouts or Cow Peas Sprouts 101

Popular in the Southern US

Popular in the Southern US

Black eyed peas or cow peas are popular in the Southern United States.  Black eyed peas are medium sized white beans with black spots on them, giving them their unique name.  You can buy black eyed peas for sprouting at any health food store; try to buy them organic if possible.

Black eyed peas like most of the peas and some of the beans used for sprouting area great source of protein, vitamins A and C, magnesium, and potassium.  Some people report that these sprouts taste like raw, fresh peas in a pod.  You can add black eyed pea sprouts as a nutritious addition to any dish including salads, marinades, sprout leaves and green drinks.

One cup of black eyed peas yields about one quart of black eyed pea sprouts.  Since the black eyed peas swell during the overnight soaking, allow ample room in your sprouting container.  Black eyed pea sprouts have no hulls to wash away and can be harvested and eaten on the third or fourth day.

Some of the information from this article was referenced from The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore.

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