Grow Your Own Sprouts and Avoid Eating Raw Alfalfa Sprouts with Salmonella

Grow Your Own Sprouts - Fresh, Green and Salmonella Free!

Grow Your Own Sprouts - Fresh, Green and Salmonella Free!

With the recent scare regarding alfalfa sprouts and salmonella, it is natural to be concerned. However, to completely avoid eating sprouts because of this outbreak is unnecessary.

There are two forms of action you can do right now that will ensure that when you eat alfalfa sprouts they will always be salmonella free.  The first form of action is to grow your own sprouts.  Not only is it cheaper to grow your own sprouts, but by buying sprouting seeds you will know the batch and the source of the seeds.

The second is to buy from a reputable source (click here for a great company that sells organic sprouting seeds). The company you buy should be selling seeds that are for sprouting and tested for pathogens.

When you grow your own sprouts it’s easy to clean seeds if you need to just to be safe, even if you are comfortable with your sprouting seeds source.

To clean seeds to grow your own sprouts from potential contamination and potential mold, you can do one of 3 things in the soaking stage:

• In 500ml of water in the soaking stage add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) or vinegar
• 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide (food grade, 35% – dilute it in water before adding)
• Add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%)

If you are buying from a trusted sprouting seeds supplier to grow your own sprouts, contamination is extremely rare as their quality and safety checks for their seeds are superior. Regardless, learning to grow your own sprouts is always recommended over buying store bought sprouts.