Cabbage Sprouts 101

Red Cabbage, Crimson Clover, China Radish and Alfalfa Sprouts

Cabbage Sprouts are becoming more and more popular.  Cabbage and Chinese cabbage seeds and sprouts are available from many seed companies and sprouting supply houses for fairly cheap.  In most cases, they are the same seeds used by gardeners and farmers to grow cabbages.  So be sure the seeds you buy are organically grown or else you will end up with chemically treated seeds.

Cabbage sprouts like cabbage itself is a good source of vitamins A, C and U along with trace elements of iodine and sulfur.  Cabbage sprouts are strong and crisp making them excellent to mix into salads, sandwiches, green drinks, sprout loaves and soups. Of course you can also eat cabbage sprouts blended in with other sprouts. In the picture above cabbage sprouts are mixed with crimson clover, china radish and alfalfa sprouts. Cabbage sprouts are also excellent to juice for therapy because of their high nutrient stomach.

Soak 2-3 tablespoons for a few hours in water and grow them using the tray method. They should be ready to eat in about 5-6 days. For the first couple of days, keep the cabbage sprout seeds away from direct sunlight and then grow them in indirect sunlight.

The information from this article was referenced from The Sprouting Book by Ann Wigmore.